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Performance Issues?

Recovering from injury? suffering from performance blocks, performance nerves, visualization, or concentration problems?

Hypnotherapy and BWRT ® in South Leicestershire

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and BWRT® practitioner.

My background is strongly scientific, having worked in the NHS and independent healthcare sectors, latterly in a psychiatric hospital. I have worked in Chemical Pathology, Old Age Psychiatry and with the Mental Health Act ensuring legal detention of vulnerable patients.

However, I have an abiding curiosity about how bodies work and how the mind controls performance. My academic work includes the Biomechanics of Jumping Horses, using motion analysis technology to track movement patters. A spin off of this work resulted in the development of a static mechanical horse for use in rider disability groups.

The psychology of sport texts list the 4 C’s as core to understanding the optimising of performance: Concentration, Confidence, Control and Commitment. All 4 C’s can be optimised by the use of hypnosis for the sports person used by a hypnotherapist to enhance the development of competitive sport performance and at level appropriate for a given competitor / sport combination. Whilst this remains a specialism for me, such is the power of Hypnotherapy and BWRT® that these therapies can help YOU in many other ways:

Optimise your MIND because you MATTER.

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Areas I can help you with using Hypnotherapy and BWRT®










Do You have problems concentrating – easily distracted by social media, food, TV in fact anything rather than that which HAS to be done……

Then you end up in a frantic rush, not prepared, flustered, panicking, forgetting something…

You work like mad at something, preparing to the nth degree only to find you mind BLANK when you need it most?



Does the thought of that presentation, interview, driving test, wedding speech fill you with dread – sick feeling, cold sweat, churning stomach?

Do you see yourself as ‘not worthy’, a serial under achiever, not lovable, always at fault?


Do you get panicky when things happen you have not planned for?

Does your mind run over continual ‘what if’ scenarios – each several degrees worse that the other?

Do you find it impossible to relax and go with the flow?



How much do you want to be the best you can be? Because it is not just a sportsperson or performer that needs the 4 C’s in life – YOU do as well.

My commitment to you

My commitment to you is that the person you are talking too is a combination of a trained professional, with a qualification they have studied hard for, with membership of professional bodies and with professional insurance cover but who has come to that profession with the life skills and experience that has driven them to take charge of their life and totally change course, irrespective of what they did in their past?

That person is qualified both in the classroom and the university of life! And it is not all airy fairy tree hugging hippies! This is a recognised supervised, controlled branch of therapy. Right now the NHS and GPs recognise hypnotherapy and qualified, insured hypnotherapy professionals as people that they can refer clients to for specialist therapies and treatments.


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