Hypnotherapy in Leicestershire


No obligation 20 minute chat:  book in at reception

Free initial consultation – what is this?

Hypnotherapy or any of the other therapies offered depends on a trust or feeling of ease between the therapist and the client.  You need to believe I can help, so I offer an initial meeting to see if that link is established.  After all, you are the one who is going to be doing the work, I am merely a guide, the power lies with you, just unlock it!

Then, assuming there is nothing to check with your GP first, I may suggest first appointment, during which I will collect as much information as appropriate and outline a course of therapy:

First appointment 1-1 ½ hrs £70.00

Thereafter £30.00 per ½ hour or multiples thereof

Payment by card accepted at Reception.


Please ring for more information and to book your free 20 minute chat!

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