Hypnotherapy in Leicestershire


OldPain2Go is a method of acting as go between for the conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind. It only involves talking to the client, no physical contact is needed. New Pain is a very necessary feeling designed to get a person to seek out the appropriate action and is a safety measure saving that person from harm. OldPain2Go clients will have had that initial pain message and carried out the appropriate action – seeking medical advice from their Doctor. They will have been prescribed pain relief for one of 2 reasons. #1There is a problem that will stay with the patient for life, it will not improve or may deteriorate and pain management is all that can be done. #2 After all appropriate investigation there is no reason can be found why they are in pain and pain management is all that can be done.

A third reason not assessed by the doctor will be that they have an emotional reason to hold on to the pain. OldPain2Go is about finding that person’s story of why they are holding on to the pain and letting go of that story. It is done in complete agreement with both the conscious and the unconscious. It will only remove the pain if it is safer to do so than to keep it. It is the unconscious that gets to decide, just as it does about breathing, pumping blood around your body, making the ph balance of your stomach just right, and all the hundreds of thousands of other jobs it does correctly and automatically.


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Old Pain 2 Go