Hypnotherapy in Leicestershire


Being a competitive national and international level dancer you would think that I would have no cares in the world and have confidence in abundance! But I have suffered with anxiety, depression, and performance stress among other issues for most of my life.

My anxiety and depression has previously reached such levels that it has hinder my results and left my physically ill.

Thanks to Leicestershirhypnotherapy I have learnt to master my own tools and have benefited both personally, socially and competitively.

Having been sceptical of therapy and hypnotherapy I have truly been converted and will never look back but look forward positively and welcome change and new experiences in my life without fear!

Hello! You must have felt some good vibes as it all started at a rapid rate just as I got your message this morning. It was a race to the hospital and then he was with us 50 mins later! Square breathing helped me through and just some old fashioned shouting!! Midwives were utterly wonderful people. All done naturally and amazing to feel him arriving. Wonderful.

Thank you so much for all your help and support, very good prep indeed!

Anxious mum 2nd baby


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